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A blocked toilet. One of the most common problems any house or business owner has experienced. Yes, it happens to anyone. There can be a number of causes for a blocked toilet, some obvious and others not so obvious. This is one of those jobs that no one wants to get their hands dirty with.


Don’t worry about it, leave it to Sprint Plumbing to handle it for you. We haven’t encountered a blocked toilet that is too mysterious or too disgusting for us to handle. Stop searching for “blocked toilet Durbanville” or “blocked toilet plumber” on your internet. Rather contact us directly. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty by handling the mess for you.


Everyone has plunged into the deep end with a plunger to try and unblock that stubborn blockage. At times this might be successful, but a plunger will not always do the trick and sometimes it will only move the blockage further down the drain. This is a job best left to the professionals


Be aware, not every blocked toilet plumber knows how to handle a job like this professionally and some may charge you unnecessarily high prices. Sprint Plumbing is the plumbers you can count on to act professionally, fast and we charge very reasonable fees.


So you want to give the plunger a try. This may very well get the job done if it’s a simple case of too much toilet paper. Sometimes the blockage could just be too stubborn to budge. Now might be the time that you would want to get your “snake” out if you happen to have one. You’d also may be be tempted to try the old baking soda or vinegar trick. In most cases it is really not worth it.


Cleaning a plumber’s “snake” or plunger after trying to unblock a toilet is no joke. You could also end up wasting a lot of time, money and chemicals. Not a lot of people know of the possible damage some of these methods can cause. If a plunger is not used correctly it can break the wax ring and this can cause flooding and possible water damage. 


Drain cleaners also have a tendency to cause corrosion in your drain pipes which could lead to leaks and even more water damage and costs. You have to ask yourself if it really is worth the risk. At Sprint Plumbing we have the knowledge, experience and the right tools to handle a blocked toilet in the right way.


Blocked Toilet Durbanville


We have worked in the Durbanville area for a number of years and have seen some of the most interesting things getting stuck in a toilet. Especially if you share a house with a toddler. Still wondering where that toy is after it mysteriously disappeared? It may very well be stuck somewhere in your drain lines or could possibly be the cause of that blocked toilet. If the foreign object is big enough it could block your toilet. It could also travel down into the drain line underneath your toilet.


Once it gets stuck there, don’t even try a tool or chemicals, let us at Sprint Plumbing help you. We have the right tools to reach that far down and could possibly save that precious toy or object for you. You should also be careful not to leave it for too long. A blockage that slows or stops water flow can cause damage to your drain pipes. 


Blocked Toilet Plumber


When searching for “blocked toilet plumber” or “blocked toilet Durbanville” make sure to look out for Sprint Plumbing. We are the plumbers in Durbanville who are your go to when it comes to blocked toilets. Be it in your home or at your business premises, no blocked toilet has defeated us ever.

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