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Installing a geyser in the correct way is crucial. Some might think that hot water is just a luxury, but if you have lived in the area you’d know this is not the case. Hot water is essential here. Knowing the right company to repair your geyser immediately if it should fail is also crucial. Trying to fix it yourself would most probably make things worse so don’t even attempt it. Contact Sprint Plumbing for professional and fast service at any time. We are your best option when it comes to geyser installation and repairs.   Our clients can attest of our high-quality work. You will find a team that shows up on time, with the utmost level of professionalism and who are experts in their field. We are here to ensure that your installation or repair are resolved completely by the time we leave.    We do:
  • Full-service geyser installation and
  • Geyser repair for all kinds of models
  If you would like us to provide you with a geyser we can also sell you one. After carefully looking into what geyser will work best for your needs, let us take the hassle out of your hands in finding you the right geyser.   

Geyser Installation Plumber

Looking for a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the service? Then we are your geyser installation plumber to contact. You don’t have to let one day pass without hot water in your home. Get in touch with us at Sprint Plumbing and let us sort out any geyser issues for you.  Is your geyser supplying water that is not hot enough? Or maybe you are not getting any hot water. This could be a problem with your geyser’s thermostat or something else. Don’t let this interfere with your everyday household activities, let our team of professionals fix it for you in a jiffy.    Here are some common problems when it comes to geysers:   No hot water? This might be a case where the burning element has burned out. This is a common problem, especially if your geyser ran out of water while it was still on. There are other reasons for this to happen and it also depends on the type of geyser you have. We have seen it all and can assess the problem and fix it quickly for you. 

Geyser Installation Durbanville

Not hot enough water? This is a very inconvenient problem to have and you might try to put up with it for a while. But why put up with it if we can fix it without any hassle? We see this kind of problem in many traditional electric geysers and fortunately this is very easy to sort out. It is simply a matter of repairing or replacing the heating element in the geyser. There could be other reasons the water is not hot enough, and this is where we’ll assess the issue and address it efficiently and effectively.   Water pooling up around the geyser tank? This problem is usually caused by the hoses and lines wearing out and causing leaks. The pressure relief valve could also be an issue where it lets out water when it is not supposed to. This could also be due to wear and tear. It doesn’t really matter what the problem is, be assured that we can deal with it and you will have a leak free hot water system in no time.   Sometimes you will have no idea what is causing the water heating issues in your home or business premises, that’s where Sprint Plumbing comes in. We are your go to when it comes to geyser installation Durbanville. Give us a call and let us assess the problem for you whatever it may be. We’ll give you a quote and an effective solution and then you can decide if you want to do business with us. We have an excellent reputation, years of experience and most importantly, we put the customer first.

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