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Rest assured that Sprint Plumbers Durbanville is the plumbing authority in Durbanville and surrounding areas. Our experienced team is some of the best in the industry and we know how to solve any plumbing problem. 

If you are looking for reliable and trusted plumbers in the Northern Suburbs, then you have found the right company. Our services include…


Geyser Installation


Knowing the right company to repair your geyser immediately if it should fail is also crucial. Trying to fix it yourself would most probably make things worse so don’t even attempt it. 

Contact Sprint Plumbing for professional and fast service at any time. We are your best option when it comes to geyser installation and repairs.


Water Tank Installation


A water tank installation is a valuable addition to any home. It is not only valuable but is also becoming a necessity these days. With droughts and rising municipal water bills you will definitely be wise to have one or two or even more water tanks installed on your property.


Blocked Drains


Got a blocked drain? Need it fixed right away? Don’t stress – it happens all the time and we are here to help. A blocked drain can be a nasty problem, especially when they spill over.

The smell can be nauseating and unbearable. No reason to let it linger, not just for the smell, but also to prevent water damage if the overflow is not stopped in time…


Bathroom Renovations


When it comes to bathroom renovations it takes careful planning and precise execution. The goal of your bathroom renovation might be to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom with most modern fixtures, style and designs. But don’t be fooled, bathroom remodeling can be a bit more overwhelming than you think even like small bathroom remodeling projects. 

bathroom renovation as can be done by a plumber

Blocked Toilet


blocked toilet. One of the most common problems any house or business owner has experienced. Yes, it happens to anyone. There can be a number of causes for a blocked toilet, some obvious and others not so obvious. This is one of those jobs that no one wants to get their hands dirty with. Don’t worry about it, leave it to Sprint Plumbing to handle it for you…


Solar Geyser Installation


We all know that solar geyser installations are on the rise, especially in doing your bit for the environment. There are however some misunderstandings in this area. Many times customers are promised large savings, only to find that this is never realised. This happens because of incorrect…


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