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During COVID-19 it’s always difficult to have people in your space however the Sprint Plumbing team had masks, gloves and acted incredibly professionally and sympathetically towards the situation so I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Anton and team.
Blaine Nienaber
Blaine Nienaber
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When it comes to bathroom renovations it takes careful planning and precise execution. The goal of your bathroom renovation might be to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom with most modern fixtures, style and designs. But don’t be fooled, bathroom remodeling can be a bit more overwhelming than you think even like small bathroom remodeling projects.


If you get the best bathroom remodeling contractors to do the job for you, you still need to take time to choose the outlay, vanities, mirrors, the type of bath etc. This can be more complicated than you think especially if you have never done a bathroom renovation before.  


Bathroom Remodeling Contractors


First you need to make sure you choose bathroom remodeling contractors who have an excellent reputation and the experience needed when it comes to bathroom renovations. 


Our company at Sprint Plumbing is your go to when it comes to bathroom renovations. We have both the reputation and experience you’re looking for to make this undertaking a joy and worry free experience for you. We make sure to take your ideas, budget and timeline into consideration and make it our top priority to not just deliver a satisfied end result but also to make the journey enjoyable. 


So, looking for the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Durbanville? Look no further. Contact us at Sprint Plumbing directly to give you a quote and help you realise your dream. 


Let us give you some tips on what to take into consideration when planning your bathroom renovation. You can use these tips to avoid some common mistakes and in the end ensure that the end result is exactly what you were looking for or maybe even better. 


Bathroom Renovations Contractors


Bathroom renovation Tip nr. 1: Don’t Just Wing it


You might think that bathroom remodeling is a piece of cake and all it involves is simply swapping out an old vanity or sink with a new one. But it really is more complicated than that because the bathroom involves plumbing and you’ll need to plan the remodeling carefully. 

First you need to make absolutely sure that the new fixtures you want to select actually fit the space and plumbing. Otherwise you need to understand that rearranging the layout of your bathroom may involve the rerouting some pipes. 

This might sound simple but could involve opening up some walls and re-plastering it etc. Even though it is more tricky to rearrange some plumbing, it is no problem for our team and we’ll make sure it goes smoothly and pain free. 

Don’t just go and buy the first vanity on special or one that you fall in love with. Make sure to first establish the basic layout of your new bathroom. If the layout stays the same, be sure to take note of the exact position of your plumbing as it is and keep it in mind when shopping for a new toilet, sink or bathtub. 


Bathroom Renovation Tip nr. 2: Don’t Buy the First Thing You See

Cost can add up quickly. So shop around and make sure you are not paying unnecessarily high prices for your fixtures. You might also think this is the best for you, but after shopping around and doing your research you might just find the perfect item and not just the best one. You don’t even have to leave your house to do this, just go online and check out the latest bathroom furnishings. 


Bathroom Renovation Tip nr. 3: Don’t Attempt it Yourself 

To get a new toilet is not the same as getting a new bed. Getting a new bed is as simple as buying it, having it delivered and put in your bedroom. With getting a new toilet, that is just the beginning. Bathroom remodeling goes with plumbing even if it is a small bathroom remodeling. 

Even if the layout stays the same, installing new fixtures (such as a toilet, bathtub or sinks and faucets) takes careful plumbing. When uninstalling or installing bathroom fixtures it is very important to know how to do it properly since these will always involve running water. To end up with leaks or bursts pipes is the last thing you want in your newly renovated bathroom. So if you are a novice when it comes to plumbing, rather call a professional. 


So for peace of mind and a wonderful experience, call Sprint Plumbing for all your bathroom renovation needs. 


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