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Pieter vd Merwe
Pieter vd Merwe

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We all know that solar geyser installations are on the rise, especially in doing your bit for the environment. There are however some misunderstandings in this area. Many times customers are promised large savings, only to find that this is never realised. 

This happens because of incorrect installations and insufficient storage of power. Be sure to speak to Sprint Plumbing. Our solar geyser plumber can give the best options that suit your home or business and your budget.  


A big problem you want to avoid with solar power is where your solar geyser installation is not producing as much electricity when you need it the most. This often happens when the sun is not shining and when power is needed the most, like early in the morning or in the evening. The consumer is then being forced to rely on Eskom again. This is where an experienced solar geyser plumber comes in. 


They know the importance of not just installing a solar geyser, but also to make sure some form of electricity storage in the form of lithium batteries are installed. The batteries are where the power is stored that is generated from the solar panels. The power is then released back when it is needed. Yes, this kind of system costs more than one without a power storage, but will easily earn its keep within the first six to seven years.


Solar Geyser Plumber


When installing a good quality solar geyser you can expect your solar geyser installation to last between 20 to 25 years. You can make sure that your solar geyser lasts this long or even longer by letting one of our solar geyser plumbers perform an annual check on your solar geyser’s workings. 


Our climate in South Africa is ideal for solar power generation and getting a solar power geyser in Durbanville and surrounding areas are the way to go. It is however not a “quick fix” when it comes to how the electricity is produced and this is where a lot of misconceptions come in. Some solar geyser plumbers use this tactic to make a quick buck, but this can result in some serious disappointment. 

They promise a ninety percent saving on electricity, but this is unfortunately never realised because the advice and installation was not done correctly. Some even go as far as cheating the customer by letting them install more solar panels than is necessary. The extra generated electricity is then not even stored to be used when needed. 


Solar Geyser Durbanville


That’s why you need to contact Sprint Plumbing where you can speak to a solar geyser specialist before your solar geyser installation. Our team has a great reputation and the experience needed to make sure you will achieve the outcome that was intended with your solar geyser. To install a battery storage system you can be sure that you will have hot water throughout the day especially when the sun is not shining and therefore a far more consistent use of solar power. 


We are moving into a time where solar energy that is generated and not used could be sold or put back into the grid. This will help immensely with nation wide power generation and hopefully load shedding will soon be something of the past. By putting power back into the grid you can reduce electricity costs substantially. Even though South Africa is not there yet it is hoped that this type of system will be implemented sooner rather than later. 

When searching for “solar geyser Durbanville” or “solar geyser plumber” in Google, don’t use just any company. Be sure to look for Sprint Plumbing or even better, contact us directly and let us handle your solar geyser installation for you. We know that the output financially is more than an electrical geyser, but there’s no doubt that it is a worthwhile investment if done correctly. 

Not only are you doing your bit by going “green” by helping the environment, you’ll save a great deal of money in the long run as well as putting more value into your property. Speak to one of our solar geyser plumbers and let us give advice and a quote any day.

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