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Got a blocked drain? Need it fixed right away? Don’t stress – it happens all the time and we are here to help. A blocked drain can be a nasty problem, especially when they spill over.

The smell can be nauseating and unbearable. No reason to let it linger, not just for the smell, but also to prevent water damage if the overflow is not stopped in time. Sprint Plumbing will sprint to the problem and have that blocked drain fixed in no time. 

The other reason to have a blocked or partially blocked drain cleared is the fact that slow moving water causes corrosion in the pipes. This can cause leaks and you end up paying even more for unnecessary repairs. It is advisable to make sure your drain pipes are clear and are running freely to avoid those terrible outcomes. 

Blocked Drain Plumber

This is very possible thanks to our services at Sprint Plumbing. We are your blocked drain plumber in Durbanville. Our services are focused on customer satisfaction. That’s why we clear drains fast and guarantee our services. 

Causes of Blocked Drains

The reasons for blocked drains are numerous,(even Winnie the Pooh can cause a blocked drain) but these are the most common causes: 

  • Tree Roots
  • Unusual Objects
  • Mineral build up
  • Hair

Tree Roots

Tree roots can put so much pressure on pipes that they end up cracking. The problem doesn’t stop there, roots force their way into the pipes and make the cracks even bigger. The problem still continues to grow as the roots grow into the crack and into the pipe. All sorts of debris gets caught here and ends up causing a massive blockage over time.

No chemicals or rods can unblock this type of blockage. You need the right tools to cut through those roots and remove it completely. This is one for the professionals. At Sprint Plumbing you can count on us to have the right tools and experience to get the blocked drain cleared. We will also pinpoint where the problem lies in order to fix the pipe and stop the roots from getting into the pipe again.

Unusual Objects

Some people out there think that a toilet can be used as a dust bin and will flush almost anything down it. There might even be some living in your home, they are usually no taller than a meter, some call them toddlers. That’s how a Winnie the Pooh can get stuck in a cold, dark, disgusting, tunnel.

These objects can easily get stuck in the drain pipe, especially where a drain pipe has an angle or bend in it. We have seen the most interesting things blocking a drain, but not one of them has ever stopped us from unblocking it.

Mineral Build Up

This is something that happens over time. Mineral build up is a common problem especially in certain areas where there are particular high concentrations of certain minerals in the water. There is little, if anything, you can do to prevent it. These minerals can also come from the household chemicals we use. You can try flushing down enough boiling water down the drain. This might clear it off. If this is not successful, you can call Sprint Plumbing to sort that build up blockage out for you, no problem.

A Hairy Problem

Hair takes a long time to break down. It can easily get stuck at some point in your drain causing even more hair and other debris to get stuck there. If oil or fats get mixed into the works it causes a sticky ball to form and ends up blocking the drain pipe. Always use hair catchers in your shower or bathtub to prevent this problem from happening in the first place.

If you are stuck with this kind of blockage you can try to use a strong chemical especially one that is meant to break down organic materials and won’t corrode the drain network. Please note that there are some risks when using chemicals and it could cost you a lot of money if not used correctly. 

Blocked Drain Durbanville

Don’t waste time and money trying to fix your blocked drain. We have the knowledge and expertise to get that blocked drain sorted in no time. Sprint Plumbing is your blocked drain Durbanville plumber. We are in your area and will be there quickly and will work effectively and efficiently.

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